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      We specialize in research and development for Integrated Environmental Management Information and Decision Support Systems that combine environmental sciences, economics, and socio-political aspects with advanced information and communication technology. Application domains include urban and industrial air quality, emission control and energy efficiency, water resources, climate change impacts, adaptation, mitigation, EIA/SIA, technological and environmental risk, sustainable urban and regional development and ICZM, technical training and distance learning.
      Applied Systems Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and ICT provide the methodological basis for our environmental applications, information and multi-criteria decision support systems. Resource efficiency and sustainable development are the overriding themes.

      Our multi-disciplinary research team designs, develops, deploys and supports customized and innovative IT based solutions (eConsulting, SaaS, bespoke cloud computing) for a broad range of environmental planning and management problems. We also provide background research, custom development, data analysis, installation, training and continuing support including operational mirrors or fully web based outsourcing solutions with customized support and maintenance options, world wide in collaboration and partnership with numerous academic research institutions and companies.

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      ASP/SaaS solution examples

       Environmental Information Systems:   customized web-based HPCC solutions, eConsulting, cutting edge science and technology

      Our dedicated high-performance (HPCC) environmental management information and decision support systems combine advanced (i.e., dynamic, distributed, high-resolution, non-linear, stochastic) simulation and optimization models, data analysis, GIS, and expert systems. Integrated solutions use a modular, distributed and web based client-server architecture for cost-efficient use of state-of-the-art information resources, easy access and use. Multi-media user interfaces, Internet/Intranet access, and a broad range of supporting services from dedicated research and development to complete ASP outsourcing solutions with Internet access for distributed and mobile clients are available.

      We support user groups ranging from technical specialists and decision makers to the general public with active stakeholder involvement and participatory decision support tools. Our strength is the smooth integration of applied research in environmental sciences, applied systems analysis and operations research, engineering and socio-economic analysis, with state-of-the-art information technology: simple web-browser based access, embedded training components and AI, high-performance cluster computing implement research results for practical problems:   we make computers work hard for you.

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