A-TEAM: Advanced Training System for Emergency Management

The main objective of the A-TEAM project is to improve the learning process in complex, technical domains, using the example of technological emergency management. Improved learning is achieved by integrating information technology (dynamic simulation, visualisation, GIS, expert systems and case-based reasoning) within an innovative didactic framework that fully exploits the potential of multi-media information systems. Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the learning and teaching process in complex technical domains difficult to cover with traditional didactic methods is seen as an important contribution toward a technological and information society.

The project will develop and test a new approach to advanced technical training using an integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and dynamic simulation modeling to create fully interactive multi-media content within a real-time knowledge-based system framework for the domain of emergency management applications. The underlying client-server architecture supports easy access in Intranet/Internet distributed systems. Nine partner institutions from six countries cooperate in A-TEAM, providing a rich combination of academic excellence, software engineering, and practical safety management experience.

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