AIR-EIA was funded under INFO2000
by the European Commssion (PUB-1221).


air pollution and environmental impact assessment:
the multimedia information source

AIR-EIA is designed to provide improved access to state-of-the-art mutli media information resources on Air Pollution aspects of Environmental Impact Assessment. The objective is to exploit, and integrate, multi media contents and services including, dynamic, interactive on-line information resources aiming to improve:

  • the environmental awareness of the EU citizens and environmental actors;
  • the information base for the EIA practice
  • the harmonization of EIA across Europe
  • the on-line accessibility to relevant regulations, data, and methods in a dynamic and rapidly changing field.
  Information content

As a one-stop information resource, AIR-EIA will compile:

  • procedures for permits and licenses related to EIA studies on air pollution
  • EU and national legislation on EIA and related air quality regulations
  • case studies and background material
  • technical data and methodological information.

The main objective is to create an information resource that is easy to use, comprehensive, and thus both efficient and effective.

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