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      AirWare application: Porto do Acu, Brazil

      AirWare/EIA application for an industrial district
      (sub-contracting to Braile Enghenaria Ltda.)

      Location: Coastal location North of de Janeiro.

      • UTM 24 - SW: 256.000/7.560.000, NE: 296.000/7.600.000
      • Master domain of 120km by 120km;
      • Main model domain 45km x45+km (plus sub-domains, including logistics corridor)
      • Major city: Campos (dos Goytacazes), ~ 430,000 inhabitants;
      • Sao Joao da Barra, North of of the study area, population was 28,609 (2005).

      Terms of Reference for the model applications:

      10 BASIC SCENARIOS related to project phases, major industrial activities: scenarios 9 and 10 combine the previous ones, run with AERMOD/AERMET/AERMAP over periods of 12 month (2008, 2009, 2010) with (substance specific) aggregation periods: hourly, 8 hourly, 24 hourly, annual, calculated for each scenario, substance and aggregation period: basic statistics (max, average, number of exceedences in time and space and at specific receptor locations, AOT) and a list of the 30 highest values, with reference to the

      Additional scenarios for sensitivity analysis, NO2 (AERMOD/OLM and CAMx) and traffic (TRAFFIC), mass budget checks and source apportioning.

      More than 300 model scenarios run and evaluated for a total of 359 emission sources sources.

  On-line Model System Model Scenarios   January 2011. Publication proposal DRAFT Final Report (PDF)
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