CourseWare: Advanced Technical Training System  
      AI controlled Dialog: web-based training

      CourseWare provides flexible, adaptive and "intelligent", intuitive, attractive and fun-to-use learning environments integrating CourseWare integrates key technologies into an innovative eLearning platform: Artificial Intelligence (rule based expert systems) to simulated a personalized tutor; real-time control of the course; web based interactive lectures, dialog style; and a repertoire of multi-media lecture notes and on-line information resources; and mobile client support;   CourseWare provides a complete web-based learning and teaching platform for technology enhanced or blended learning solutions.
      on-line manual    
      CourseWare components and functionality:

      The CourseWare platform and environment includes:

      1. Course and student management tools, based on a real-time expert system, including registration, verification, and student evaluation and grading (see below), and continuous monitoring and individual dialog between students and tutor;
      2. Course material (lecture notes in different multi-media formats) and auxiliary material such as
        • Supporting lecture notes as on-line presentations (annotated PowerPoint, on-line or for download)
        • PDF document and scientific article library
        • An interactive glossary/ontology, hypertext style;
        • External link collection.
      3. Lectures: on-line, interactive lectures (based on a simulated tutor, that controls the lecture presentation depending on dynamic context including simple questions to the student)
      4. Tests:   embedded and stand-alone tests (multiple choice) with rule-based evaluation, simple individual questions, or complex analytical tasks;
      5. Student evaluation and grading;
      6. Discussion forum:   associated dedicated on-line discussion forum, integrated with the lectures
      7. Embedded simulation models (simulated laboratory for complex assignments)
      8. Embedded problem reporting and comments library, direct access from the lectures
  • Mailing list (members only) with automated, scheduled or event triggered group mailings
  • Course content authoring tools:

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