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Annual Project Review Report 1998


Scope and structure of the report

Annual Project Review Report Contents

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The Annual Project Review of the projects in the Telematics Applications Programme will be based on four elements:
  • an assessment of the quality of the technical deliverables produced by the project;
  • the 'Annual Project Review Report', which contains a synthesis of the work done by the project and, where appropriate, a proposal for the modification of the workprogramme for the forthcoming year(s);
  • a 'hearing' in Brussels which will consist of a presentation by the project and a question and answer session with a team of independent reviewers.
  • a demonstration where available of the pilot work and, if required, an on-site visit.

These elements will allow the Reviewers to make an assessment both of the work done and the nature of the project's future work. This will lead to a recommendation to the Commission Services on the future of the project.

Scope and structure of the Report

The 'Annual Project Review Report' should particularly focus on the work conducted since the last Review, and reflects actions taken following the comments of the previous in-depth review.

The Report contains the following sections (in part as links to the appropriate on-line documents in the web versions):

1.- Self-assessment form (SA)
2.- Part A - Synopsis of work undertaken
3.- Part B - Future plans
4.- Part C - Plans for Demonstration, Exploitation, Implementation and expected achievements
5.- Part D - Project Programme
6.- Part E - Key Deliverables produced during the period under review

The document (unavoidable hard copy) will be distributed to the Annual Project Reviewers who are bound by a declaration of confidentiality. Afterwards the self-assessment form and the Project Reviewers Assessment form will be included in the "Annual Telematics Projects Review Report", which will be submitted to the Telematics Programme Committee (consisting of delegates from Member States).

As the ECOSIM Annual Review Report is tightly interlinked with the ECOSIM web server and its on-line documents and Deliverables, the Project Officer was asked to convey to the (anonymous) reviewers the URL of the Report so that they can brows the on-line version and explore its links to other ECOSIM material and documents.

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