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The ECOSIM Demonstrator

The ECOSIM server (demonstrator) is implemented on a UNIX workstation with a Xlib (X Windows) graphical user interface. Its basic user interface , display and analysis functionality is based on the ACA ToolKit, that also defines a major part of the Development framework.

The demonstrator already includes first data from the three validation case Stadt sites Berlin, Athens, and Gdansk; it also includes the first two very simple scoping models, namely the US-EAP ISC model, and the photochemical box model PBM as well as a simple optimization model for emission source control.

A number of map layers for the three sites provide the GIS background, and

observation data from the BLUME monitoring network in Berlin have been integrated.

The ECOSIM demonstration prototype includes:

  • the graphical user interface
  • hypertext help and explain function
  • WWW access (built-in web browser)
  • geographic information system
  • object data bases including:
    • air quality monitoring data
    • model scenario management
    • animation of simulation model output
    • embedded expert system
  • environmental simulation (forecasting) models

ECOSIM Demonstrator

ECOSIM Demonstrator for on-site Validation

The lates functionality including the client-server integration of all models and the BLUME monitoring system in Berlin is implemented in the Final Demonstrator Release 4.2

First Demonstrator prototype Release R 2.0

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