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Testing and Validation Issues, Error Handling

Software development, prototyping, testing and validation, software tools, ISO 9000-3.
DRAFT Release 0.2, 10 December 1998
Author: Kurt Fedra

Error Handling:

The ACA ToolKit used as the development framework employs an interactive error handling for a large class of error conditions.

In most cases, a so-called alert box is triggered, that shows the relevant part of the systems error message or, if the error condition was checked by the application, an application specific error message, most often in the context of a WARNING, in a pop-up window.

This window offers two possibilities in integrated menu buttons:

  • ABORT which aborts the application and returns the use to the UNIX shell, where the parent window from the application was run will display the error message(s) from standard error;

  • CONTINUE which will attempt to continue execution of the application, which might, depending on the nature and severity of the error condition encountered, lead to an irrecoverable error, crash, and core dump for subsequent source-code debugging with an appropriate symbolic debugger.

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