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Links to related Telematics Activities, Projects, and Institutions:

EC   European Commission, CORDIS Data Base

EC   European Commission, Directorate General XIII

TAP   Telematics Applications Programme

TAP   Telematics for Environment (Sector 9)

CONCORD   TAP Concertation Services home page

ETHOS The European Telematics Horizontal Observatory Service for the Telematics Applications Programme
MUNICIPIA Multilingual Urban Network for the Integration of City Planners and Involved local Actors
REMSBOT the Regional Environmental Support System Based On Telematics
TELECITIES European Digital Cities: An open network for concerted urban development through telematics
ENVIROCITY Public Environmental Information Services for European Cities
E-MAIL Environmental Management Architecture for Information Delivery
EFFECT Environmental Forecasting for the Effective Control of Traffic

  Telematics Validation Network

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