Environmental Impact Analysis:
Scoping, Screening, Assessment
EIAxpert: rule-based screening-level EIA

EIAxpert is an interactive, rule-based expert system for environmental impact assessment. It is designed for a screening level assessment of development projects at a an early stage in the project cycle.

The system can operate with a minimum of data and information about the project, its alternatives, and the environmental setting by drawing on a generic knowledge and rule base as well as a regional geographical information system and a set of data bases.

EIAxpert is a generic, completely data driven assessment tool that can easily be configured for a broad range of application domains and regions. Applications, projects or studies are represented by a fully data driven structure of objects. The basic object (an application or study, the EIS) is defined by a set of Problem Classes applicable to the combination of a Development project and its location. The system uses project type (or application domain) with associated checklists of potential problems, that are evaluated by RULES (that can trigger simulation models) in a dialog with the user.

The expert system processes near natural language first order production rules with a hybrid symbolic and numerical object representation, optionally georeferenced objects and an embedded GIS, as well as linkages to data bases and simulation models.

The capability to process both symbolic and numerical data fully interchangeably makes it well suited for high-level policy analysis.

Its backward chaining inference engine can be embedded in a real-time forward chaining framework that can provide project management capabilities and real-time work flow and communication control.

In the current release, the system can be fully embedded in the WaterWare river basin management information system, the AirWare air quality assessment system, or the EMIS Environmental Management Informatio System for industrial enterprises and parks, economic zones, harbors and ports, as well as linked with ROMS for coastal water quality simulations.

EIAxpert is a fully web-based client-server system that can utilize all server side analytical tools, data bases, GIS and models, accessible from any web browser clien, including 3G mobile devices such as SmartPhones and PDAs, in local or wide area networks, Intranet or Internet.

The backward chaining deduction can be linked to any target parameter to facilitate editing in any of the ESS object-oriented data bases or model interfaces.

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