EMIS: Environmental Management Information System
for industrial estates or parks, harbors and ports, special economic zones and individual industrial enterprises:
offering an innovative business model.

EMIS is implemented as a distributed, web-based client-server solution. Easy access with any PC (web browser) or 3G SmartPhone opens the system for a wide range of potential users as subscribers with minimal investment.

Use of the software on a subscription basis, SaaS (Software as a Service) provides a low-risk (no upfront investment) and flexible business model for a wide range of users, and thus also small and medium sized companies, yet providing access to powerful tools and state-of-the-art hardware and software in support of business process, resource efficiency, safety and environmental compliance, all contributing to sustainable operations.

EMIS aims at a complete coverage of an industrial district. It integrates individual company profiles and environmental compliance as well as the cumulative effects from their interaction in the industrial district, and the efficient use of shared resources such as water and energy, as well as waste management. Providing access and customized services to each tenant also facilitates a model of cooperative data updates, as a shared data base (with appropriate security, confidentiality, data protection and privacy control) lets every user access and edit his own data, but also see an anonymous summary of all users in the area for multi-criteria ranking and benchmarking.

The services offered also include:

  • Technical training (using a blended approach that combines classroom teaching and eLearning components integrated in the system),
  • Mobile access to OHS data bases like hazardous substances, first aid;
  • Various tools for a pre-certification environmental analysis, resource use optimization.

 On-line Prototype
    On-line Tutorial
The business model in a nutshell:
  • The system and related consultancy, training, maintenance is offered at subscription/fee basis, ESS or a local partner provides all server side hardware and software, support and training;
  • NO initial costs or capital outlay for the industrial area's HSE or individual tenants; revenues for the HSE can start in the second year of operations;
  • Fee structure: monthly basis, company type and size related:
    • LARGE and MEDIUM sized companies, depending on type of operations, employees, production;
    • SMALL-P: small production companies: include ALL (any production/manufacturing or trading with (hazardous) chemical storage) to get a COMPLETE emission and risk inventory ! Inclusion as small companies (SMALL-P):
      • Burning of any fuel, any stack or major (non-office) vent, energy use in general;
      • Fugitive emissions (use of paints, solvents, storage),dust emissions, noise, induced traffic;
      • Storage, use, production of hazardous materials;
      • Production of non-household wastes or waste beyond household/office quantities.
    • SMALL-NP: small companies: for a complete analysis of resources use (energy, water) and waste (wastewater, solid waste) generation: INCLUDE ALL (non-producing companies at very low subscription rates !)
  • Revenues can be shared between between the industrial district's HSE and software/service providers.
  • First year revenues are used to finance the setup costs; income from subsequent years can be used to improve both manpower and monitoring instrumentation for environmental management.
  • Minimum commitment: 1 year (12 month) of operation or 18 months of project duration (assuming a six months start-up phase), annual renewal.

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