EMIS: Environmental Management Information System

GIS: map catalog and composition

An embedded GIS provide tools for the composition, selection, and display of background maps and spatially distributed data (topical maps).

They include any user defined combination of individual overlays of line features, polygons and raster background images such as satellite imagery and high-resolution aerial photography.

The embedded GIS tools include interactive map import and export (ArcView/Info compatible shapefiles of *.e00 export files) map composition, but also the management of spatially distributed model results (rasters and matrices) and their numerical export, as well as the animation of dynamic model results.

GIS data are used as background and spatial reference for all georeferenced data and as model inputs (e.g., digital terrain model, land use, bathymetry, surface characteristics, location of emission sources), but also to support post-processing of model results such as environmental impacts and population exposure.

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