EMIS: Environmental Management Information System

Industrial plants and enterprise data base

EMIS has a hierarchical structure of two or more levels:
  • The industrial estate or park, defined primarily geographically
  • The individual enterprises and production plants within.
Structurally, industrial estates and individual plants or enterprises are very similar, but many of the estate properties are aggregated from the component enterprises or plants.

The individual plants or production units within plants include again a number of georeferenced objects such as:

  • Storage units and containers
  • Emission sources
and non-georeferenced objects including
  • Waste streams
  • Hazardous substances
  • administrative data such as contact addresses (owner and/or operator)
  • documents and plans (HTML, *.doc or PDF formats)
which are all closely linked, e.g., a storage units or an industrial waste stream has one or more (hazardous) substances of concern that link to the MSDS data base.

Other related and linked, non-georeferenced data bases include environmental technologies:

  • emission control
  • waste treatment technologies

An important function for the individual plant operator is the possibility to directly update his data, and to compare the environmental performance of his installation with ranking and benchmarking tools against all other installation as well as against international standards.

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