EMIS: Environmental Management Information System

Environmental Technologies

EMIS includes data bases of environmental technologies, including:

  • Emission control technologies for atmospheric emissions;
  • Waste treatment technologies linked to the RCRA (hazardous) waste-stream data base.
  • Water technologies for efficient use of water resources including recycling and re-use.
The technologies data include substance specific (removal) efficiencies and associated economic data (unit (annualized) investment costs and annual operating costs) that can be used in optional multi-criteria optimization tools to design cost-efficient emission control and/or waste management systems that meet regulatory standards.

In the emission control optimization, one or more alternative control technologies can be assigned to any one of the emission sources. The optimization software finds the most cost-efficient combination ans scaling of technologies to

  • meet given environmental performance standard for a minimum budget;
  • maximize environmental improvements for a given budget.
The optimization is based on a two-tier approach, where a first level generates large sets of feasible alternatives using adaptive heuristics and genetic algorithms, followed by a (participatory) discrete multi-criteria approach based on the reference point method to identify an efficient (compromise) solution from the set of non-dominated feasible alternatives.

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