Renewable Energy Systems Assessment:
potential, location, economics, environmental impacts.

ESS offers a range of advanced planning and decision-support products and services in the domain of renewable energy, including

  • Solar power, stochastic assessment of potential and reliability based on very detailed (hourly, 1 km spatial resolution) 3D prognostic and diagnostic meteorological models with global data (that can drive detailed nested grid local models) for the last ten years, and monthly climate reference data for 30 years, 1960 to 1990;
  • Wind power detailed 3D wind fields derived from the same data sources, down-scaled to local conditions including data assimilation from available local meteorological observations, and including multi-criteria ranking of potential sites;
  • Hydropower again based on detailed hydro-meteorological simulations and a dynamic rainfall-runoff model for the prediction of daily flow from arbitrary catchments upstream of any potential hydropower installation, including multi-object, multi-criteria optimization of water allocation and use;
  • Biomass site suitability analysis for energy crops, considering land use data, local land properties (e.g., soils, slope, transportation connectivity etc.) and local hydro-meteorology (mainly temperatures, precipitation, surface and groundwater availability).
  • Energy Efficiency the by far most promissing energy source is: increased efficiency. Based on complex optimization (multi-objective, multi-criteria, multi-horizon, non-linear .....) energy optimization and emission reductions (GHG, CO2e) may also generate substantial tradeable credits under the CDM scheme.

All of the above analysis can be based on historical data, or on forecasted high-resolution, dynamic weather data (ensembles) based on any or all IPCC climate change scenarios up to 2100. Applicable systems and services include:
Interactive simulation, optimisation models Distributed data bases and GIS applications Expert systems and knowledge engineering
Graphics, multi-media, scientific visualization Client-server distributed information systems Intra/Internet solutions.

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