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The Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (MABA) is located in the province of Buenos Aires. The province lies between 33º 16' and 41º 2' S latitude and 59º 39' and 63º 23' W longitude. Its boundaries are the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos in the North ; the Río de la Plata ("River of Silver") and the Argentine Sea in the East ; the province of Río Negro in the South, and the provinces of Córdoba, La Pampa and Río Negro in the West.
This area is characterised as the "Pampas" (flat grassland or plains). The western area is higher, with predominant sandy soils. The eastern area is a depressed zone, known as the Salado basin. The area along the riverside of Paraná-Plata, between the boundary with the province of Santa Fe and the Matanza river, is an undulated plain.
The MABA covers the Capital Federal (Federal District) and 19 Municipalities or Communities of the province of Buenos Aires, called Gran Buenos Aires.

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