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Sustainable Urban Development - Guilin Case

Case Study Report

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Color Icon Summary:   China has about a quarter of world's population and one fifth of the total land area. With rapid economic growth, a great movement towards urbanization is widespread in the country. Sustainable urban development is a very important and urgent issue for such a great urbanizing process. Urban planning is a key step and a very important part of the process towards sustainable urban development. This case study focuses on local priority problems based on urban planning projects in Guilin city.

Guilin is an "international scenic tourism city" and "national historic cultural city" of China. The area is well known for its historic remains from two thousand years ago, and its beautiful scenery with mountains, lakes and rivers, especially the Lijiang river leading to the most picturesque areas along the river downstream of the city. With rapid urbanization and industrialization, questions about how to develop, and how to conserve the natural environment of the Lijian river and Guilian city scenery have become major concerns. Urban land use and industrial development are therefore now central issues in Guilin urban planning.

Objectives:   This case study aims at to demonstrate decision analysis on,

  • industrial structure optimization within the environmental carrying capacity of the area;
  • optimal industry and residents distribution in urban areas promoting better environmental quality.

Color Icon Location and Additional Information Resources:
  • Location name: Guilin, Peoples Republic of China
  • Province: Guangxi (southern China)
  • Size of study area: 565 sq.km counties excluded, 4195 sq.km counties included
  • Population: 0.55 mil. counties excluded, 1.29 mil. counties included
  • Population Trends
  • Topography
  • Climate
  • CIA Factbook (2008)

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