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Color Icon Deforestation and Land Degradation in SE-Asia
(Thailand and Nepal )

Case Study Report

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Color Icon Summary:   Deforestation and land degradation are two of the major environmental issues in South- and South-East Asia. Conversion of forests into agricultural lands, urbanization, infrastructure development , commercial logging and forest fires are among the major reasons for the degradation of natural resources in the region. The high rate of population growth and socio-economic development even accelerate and intensify the degradation process.

This case study which is designed to focus on the major priority problems and issues concerning natural resources planning and management in two South and South East Asian countries namely Nepal and Thailand. The case study is a part of EU funded project entitled
"A Multi-media Tool for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Education".

Objectives:   The main objective of this project is to contribute towards the effective planning and management of natural resources of the region. It aims to develop an information network for wide dissemination of the output of the project using a multi-media training tool and develop institutional capabilities in the developing countries.

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Location name: Thailand

Color Icon Location name: Nepal

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