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GAIA Case Studies

GAIA incorporates a number of case studies from the participating institutions. Each case study is meant to illustrate a set of issues, related to the structure of Agenda 21 Using the same structure for the presentation of the case studies (as defined in a set of guidelines ) , supports comparison across regions and across issues becomes straight forward.

The initial set of Case Studies includes:

Additional case studies from several subsequent projects have been summarized in the GAIA framework:

      • Berlin, Germany
      • Gdansk, Poland
      • Athens, Greece
      • Milano, Italy
      • Berlin, Germany
      • Buenos Aires, Argentina
      • Geneva, Switzerland
      • Thessaloniki, Greece
      • Genoa, Italy
      • TelAviv, Israel
      • Gdansk, Poland
      • Lisbon, Portugal
      • Tomsk, Russia
      • Izmir, Turkey
      • Geneva, Switzerland
      • Limassol, Cyprus
      • Seoul/Gyeong-ge, South Korea
      • Tehran, Iran
      • Mekong, South-East Asia
      • Gediz, Turkey
      • Abou Ali, Tripoli, Lebanon
      • Abu Kir, Egypt
      • Aqaba, Jordan
      • Hammamet, Tunisia
      • Dhiarizos, Cyprus
      • Gediz River, Turkey
      • Lower Litani, Lebanon
      • Zarqa, Jordan
      • WadiZeimar/Alexander, Palestine/Israel
      • Melian, Tunisia
      • Martil, Morocco
      • Lerma/Chapala, Mexico
      • Kelantan, Malaysia
      • Yangtze, China
      • Nile Basin, Eastern Africa
      • Vienna, Austria
      • Pisa, Italy
      • Morioka, Japan
      • Vitoria, Spain
      • Helsinki, Finland

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