Technological Risk
in Real-time
Literature & Regulations

Council Directive 96/82/EC Council Directive 96/82/EC (in German)
Seveso II - Background, Contents & Requirements Seveso II - Article 9, Safety Report
Seveso II - Safety Report Checklist Seveso II - Sicherheitsbericht (in German)
Council Directive 88/610/EEC Council Directive 87/216/EEC
Original Seveso Directive 82/501/EEC ("Seveso I") Metodo Speditivo, 1994 (in Italian)

BGBl.Nr. 593/1991 ST0216
(in German)
BGBl.Nr. 391/1994 ST0116
(in German)

Risk Management Bibliography
(extracted from Deliverable D01.1, Requirements and Constraints Analysis. Author: Fausto Zani, SYRECO.
Transportation Risk.
From: Transportation and the Environment
An Annotated Bibliography, US Department of Transportation, The National Transportation Library.
Emergency Response Plan (sample outline) (US) Hazards Analysis Toxic Substances
Response Capability Preparedness Checklist
Chemicals in your Community (US EPA)

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