Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Coastal Water Quality Simulation
Coastal & Marine Systems Modeling
    ICZM: Integrated Coastal Zone Management

    Algarve, Atlantic
    A stormy late summer afternoon in the Algarve. While tourism is developing, coastal fishery is decaying ....
    with some of the boats looking rather neglected.

    if not outright ugly.
    Island of Krk, Northern Adriatic Island of Rab, Northern Adriatic

    Krk: low-density landuse along the coastline of the islands,

    but heavy industry occupies the shores of the adjacent mainland.

    Second homes and appartment houses start to crowd the coastline,

    while the old town of Rab appears largely untouched.
    Marmaris, Mediterranean

    Marmaris: the immediate shoreline is subject to a 100% intensive use, ...

    with little more than the size of a bed per person.

    The water of the bay is equally crowded,

    and every corner is fully occupied by touristic infrastructure.
    Liguria, Mediterranean Eilat, Red Sea

    Camoglie, Liguria, with every centimeter of seafront used.

    The busy harbour of Camoglie, still dominated by local fishermen

    The Northernmost corner of the Red Sea is marred by industrial use, ....

    part of the underwaterworld is protected in a marine park.


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