Environmental Impact Analysis:
Scoping, Screening, Assessment
    EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment:   A Coastal Water Quality Example

    Lebanon Chemical Fertilizer Factory, Selaata:   release of phosphogypsum sludge
    Input data

    • Model domain: bathymetry
    • Currents and tides
    • Meteorology
    • Emission source

      Source location:

        Station Type ROMS
        Latitude 34.2707
        Longitude 35.6525
        UTM X 744204 m
        UTM Y 3795352 m
        Elevation 0 m
      In ROMS the source is set at i,j coordinates: 50 m resolution Isrc(is)=64 Jsrc(is)=36

      20 m resolution Isrc(is)=160 Jsrc(is)=90

      Which is in UTM: x=744200 m, y=3795300 m

    • Monitoring data
    Case study: LCC, Selaata Model implementation Input data Scenario analysis On-line demo system

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