Air Quality

The ISIREMM demonstrator

The ISIREMM demonstrator is based on the AirWare system developed by ESS; the application is developed for the Siberian City of Tomsk, and uses local GIS data, meteorology, emission inventories, and air quality observations.

Demonstrator screen dumps

Start-up page with the main icon menu

Embedded GIS, overview maps of the model domain, City of Tomsk

Embedded GIS, details of the base maps for the City of Tomsk

Observation time series (meteorology and air quality observations) time series display

Time series analysis, regression between stations

Point source emission data base, ranking and analysis page (overview)

Point source emission data base, display and editing of an individual source for hypertext and GIS windows

Short-term model (steady state) results for industrial point sources

Long-term model results (meteorological data frequency distributions derived from an annual data set) for industrial sources

Pseudo 3-D view of the long-term model results; concentrations are shown in the vertical (z) direction

near-field results for transportation generated pollution with street network shown

Frequency distribution of non-zero concentration data values for long-term model results

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