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Criteria for the WaterWare discrete multi-criteria optimization

The set of criteria to be analyzed can, in principle, be defined by the user interactively: criteria can be deleted from the set, and new ones can be defined in the KnowledgeBase with the KB Editor and added with the RECONFIGURE button. These will be set to a value of undefined for all existing alternatives, which the user then can edit.

However, the default procedure is to use alternatives generated by WRM and the criteria generated there.. A WRM scenario (normal model run or optimization scneario) generates the following default summary criteria (they can be exported for use with DMC with the button labeled: export criteria). Of course, any sectoral or even node specific riteria (the latter, however, only in sets for one and the same network !) can be added manually as well.
Please note: To make comparison between different structural alternatives and even different river basins possible, all criteria must be normalized to eliminate dominant effects of basin size or other basin characteristics.

Optimization Criteria unit and normalization strategy
Overall Supply / Demand ratio maximize
Reliability of supply % average over all nodes/daysmaximize
Total shortfall % of total inputminimize
Unallocated water % of total inputmeet target
Overall water content change % of initial contentmaximize
Total cost, combined Euro per capitaminimize
Total cost, direct Euro per capitaminimize
Total benefit, combined Euro per capitamaximize
Total benefit, direct Euro per capitamaximize
Net benefit, combined Euro per capitamaximize
Net benefit, direct Euro per capitamaximize
Benefit / Cost ratio, combined ratiomaximize
Benefit / Cost ratio, direct ratiomaximize
Cost / Benefit ratio, combined ratiominimize
Cost / Benefit ratio, direct ratiominimize
Economic efficiency, combined Euro per m3 of supplymaximize
Economic efficiency, direct Euro per m3 of supplymaximize
Water cost, combined Euro per m3minimize
Water cost, direct Euro per m3minimize
Days of flooding within the water year, max 365minimize
Locations flooded % of control nodesminimize
Basin Characteristics unit
Basin sizekm2
Basin poulationkm2
Basin populationdensity /km2
Annual average precipitationmm
Annual average temperaturedegC
Runoff coefficient 

Please note: Basin characteristics are only used as explanatory variables in the post-optimal analysis ! They can not be selected for optimization.

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