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  Release Level 7.0 Release Date 2016 12 Revision Level beta  
Last modified on:   Sunday, 23-Oct-16 16:08 CEST

Map Catalog

The MapCatalog provides an overview (for selection as class specific background map) of all maps generated with the interactive MapComposer.

The display of any individual map (selected from its blue name string) shows the map, together with the option to re-define it position (text box: sequence) in the catalog.

The individual map display support arbitrary zooming: select (left mouse click) a map position frame that indicates the zoomed in area, zoom with another mouse button click. for the upper left corner of the intended zoom wind. Moving the mouse away from the position will show a red frame that indicates the zoomed area selected. Another will left button click will trigger the actual zoom and zoomed map display. To unzoom, press the orange button : "unzoom" over the map.

Where appropriate (color coded rasters) a legend will be shown under the map.

Map selection

For different OBJECT classes, individual maps can be selected/assigned as the default background map to use when displaying its objects. This can either be an interactive selection (triggered by a blue button: "map"; or with the OBJECT CLASS setup/configuration, where a default map to be used can be defined (by name).

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