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      Release Level 6.2 Release Date 2010 05 Revision Level 1.0
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Implementation Manual

WaterWare is designed and implemented as a (optionally) distributed and fully web based client-server system, that can be installed on a single CPU as well as on a compute cluster for high-performance (cluster) computing using MPI.

Its main components are:

  • an Apache web server and set of HTML/PHP pages that provide the primary user interface;
    a The server root for a WaterWare installation is located at
    /var/www/html/[APPLICATION_NAME]/ as well as a few model specific directories under /var/www/html depending on the modules and components used in any given installation.
  • server side PHP (PHP5).

    The main elements include:

    • the HTML/PHP pages including the OBJECT TEMPLATES in plain HTML code and their include files (/var/www/html/templates);
    • CONFIGURATION files;
    • HTML (object descriptions) and image files;
    • a set of analytical and model components implemented through cgi; (directory: var/www/cgi-bin)
    • a shared relational data base (RCBMS) such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or ORACLE.
    Data bases and TABLES

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