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      Release Level 6.2 Release Date 2010 05 Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Thursday, 20-May-10 08:27 CEST

Release Notes: R6.1 (beta)

R6.1 is a minor update release for the web-based Release level R6, that has been bported to 64 bit architecture under Ubuntu 8.10, and using PHP5.

R6.1 features:

  • Introduction of hourly simulation timesteps for RRM and WRM for a simulation time of 15 days or 360 hours, with the corresponding extendsion of the model TS data structures and editing tools;
  • A time-series editor for model time series.
  • New modified routing algorithms for both RRM and WRM;
  • Adaptive time step for reservoir release calculations.
  • Downstream demand driven diversion flows including combined diversion and groundwater supply.
  • Optional export of feasible scenarios from the optimization to the discrete multi-criteria DSS.
  • Automatic inheritence of preference structures from the optimization to the discrete multi-criteria DSS.

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