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Raster data

Data on a regular grid (rasters or matrices) define a special format, originating from satellite imagery, spatial model results or the processing of "irregular" spatial data, interpolation.

Raster or matrices can be singular, or organized as time series, e.g., from dynamic model results. Their display and analysis provides a color coded interpretation of one scalar parameter at a time, possible vertical layer selection, and a tape deck for time series of rasters. Please note that depending on their resolution and a possible tyime series of raster, their lodaing can take several seconds.

Basic statistics provided are the basic statistical moments (number of bins/classes, type, N, mean, min, max, SD), an a histogram under interactive control. Control options for he histogram include:

  • minimum and maximum display boundaries
  • number of bins
  • mode (one of equidistant or cumulative)
  • X axis scaling (linear, log10)

A display/color control tool can define upprt and lower value bounds (values below minimum are not shown, values above maximum share the last color in the color ramp) and a checkbox can switch betwenn solid and transparent color style.

The default color setting are defined in the simple text files /var/www/cgi-bin/CONFIG, named colorranges.NN and mapcolors.NN, where NN standsa for the project ID.

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