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WaterWare Release 4.x is fully web based. Model and data bases are located at a central server, user access the system through the Internet with a standard web browser as the only tool required.

The main WaterWare server can be located anywhere on the web, within an end-user institution facilitating access through the institutional Intranet but also for distributed, remote departments, field offices and users, or with an external Application Service Provider (ASP) that also provides auxiliary services such as data compilation, processing, system configuration, model calibration, data base maintenance and data backup, etc.

WaterWare User Manual
Water Resources Model
WRM model Scenario Editor Dynamic output TS Reports, statistics
Consistency checks Node editor Start Nodes Diversion Nodes
Confluence Nodes Geometry Nodes Control Nodes Reservoir Nodes
Demand Nodes Treatment Nodes Recharge Nodes Aquifers
End Nodes Reaches
Embedded Models
Rainfall-Runoff model STREAM water quality
TS Tools and Utilities
TS data bases TS analysis TS IMPORT tool TS EXPORT tool
Related Models
RRM calibration LUC model
River Basin Objects
Object Classes Object Header Object attribute sets

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