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Application/Location Configuration

The application or location configuration parameters provide defaults for the entire application, unless overloaded by specific, "local" data. Please note that this, in principle, is an open list.

To ADD a default enter its name and value into the textbioxes: Keyword and Value, then save; Use the Search function to find available keywords.

To Modify a value, just type its new value into the Changed column, press save. Please note that the system keeps track of all changes by user, date/time.

The example uses initial configuration defaults for the Damodars river basin application, West Bengal, India for illustration.

option name description range of options default
DATA_DIR common data directorya local R/W directory /data/damodar
DOMAINIDselects the default domainone of the available domains23
EXPORT_DIRshared export directoryR/W directory under web server root /data/damodar/export
HEADER_IMAGEdefault image to use in the headeravilable image/GIF/780_waterware.jpg
HOME application home and start filedirectory under web root" /var/www/html /Damodar/main.php
HTML_DATA_DIRshared data directory for the web server directory under web root /DATA/Damodar
MAPIDID of the default background mapavailable map in the mapset30
MAP_COLORSdirectory for map color definitionsdirectory under the web root /var/www/cgi-bin/mapcolors
MM5_GRAPH_HEIGHT layout parameter for MM5 TS graphsinteger, pixels90
MM5_GRAPH_WIDTHlayout parameter for MM5 TS graphsinteger, pixels400
MM5_MAPID1MM5 background map 1 valid map ID30
MM5_MAPID2MM5 background map 2 valid map ID30
NAME Application name arbitrary stringDamodar
status_border_colorstatus page default symbol border color RGB triplet 0-255,0-255,0-2551,1,1
status_border_widthstatus page default symbol border widthsmall integer 0-31
status_circle_maxstatus page symbol maximum diameterinteger, pixles35
status_circle_minstatus page symbol minimum diameterinteger, pixles8
status_classparameter classvalid RBO class ID19
status_tsdescparamte er to display valid parameter namehourly precipitation
status_tstypestatus parameter data source valid source classMM5
TIMESHIFTtimeshift from GMT/Zuluhours, 0-+/-125.5
TIMEZONEapplication tim zonevalid time zone codeIST
TZ time zone, symbolic namevalis time zone nameAsia/Kolkata
USETIMESHIFT switches time shift use on/off0/11
UTM_FALSE_EASTINGmap projection parameterinteger500000
UTM_ZONE map projectopn parameter, UTM zonevalid zone code number

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