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  Release Level 7.0 Release Date 2016 12 Revision Level beta  
Last modified on:   Monday, 15-Aug-16 16:31 CEST

Editing tools

For all Descriptors (variables) defined in the systems' Knowledge Base and referred by a TEMPLATE in the OBJECT display and editing interface, a dedicated on-screen interactive editor is available. This editor covers all three Descriptor data types: variable (free text), symbolic, and hybrid (symbolic/numeric).

The editor provide an explanatory text field, a link to a more detailed explanation or help page, and a unit conversion tool.

The buttons at the bottom of the pop-up windows include, from right to left:

  • SAVE - copies the value selected back to the data base;
  • UNDEFINED - set the value to "undefined";
  • ABORT - leaves the editor without any changes made;
  • WHY - provides a traceback of changes, users, and dates
  • KB - access to the knowledge base defitnion of the variable, access to the associated Descriptor and RULES editor.

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