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  Release Level 7.0 Release Date 2016 12 Revision Level beta  
Last modified on:   Saturday, 22-Oct-16 20:14 CEST

WaterWare: on-line manual

WaterWare provide an embedded set of help and manual pages;

The files are located in: /var/www/html/MANUALS/WATERWARE in plain HTML format, see also: implementation.

Each interface page includes in the upper right corner a green HELP button, that leads to the manual page defined for the interface page.

Common information shown with the page header includes the release level and the last modification date of the manual page.

All manual pages include, in their upper right corner (from left to right):

  • A link, button labeled "pdf", that triggers an on-demand PDF version of current help page for download and optional local printing;
  • A link, button labeled "comment", to a data base supported dialog system for comments and questions, with additional eMail support;.
  • A link to the Manual Table of Content that provides direct access to the individual manual pages.
Manual pages can include numerous hyper links to related topics and pages.

If the manual/help pages do not provide sufficient information for the user, the "comment" button provides the option to submit clarifying questions or a comment, bug report: these are uploaded to a data base, and in parallel an eMail is triggered to the support team; a first response is posted to the data base, and again a parallel eMail alerts the user that a response is available. This dialog is maintained until the issue raised is resolved, which often include an update of the original manual page, but also an entry to the (optional) web discussiuon forum and its FAQ section.

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