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Time series aggregation, homogeneity

TS homogeneity is designed to merge/average sets of monitoring time series from "co-located" monitoring stations to generate time series representative for areas that contain more than one stations. This is done by giving each station in the set the same weight, a very simple apporach compared to area weighted averages such as Thiessen polygons, which, however, are only applicable if we assume strict spatial proportionality, not always applicable.

n addition to the average over several stations, the tool also shows, for any user selected stations, its position within (out outside) the envelope of all other stations in the set and a comparison of statissics of individual station data against the set of neighboring stations, hence "homogeneity".

Auxilary functions show a time of basic statistics, as well as "synchronized" small graphs for direct visual compairson.

Other interactive choices include the selection of the common domain and period, variable selection, toggling inand out individual stations from the list of all stations in the domain.

The data from any individual time series as well as the averge over the active set can be exported.

Display Control Options, links

The page offers the the following selections and options:

  • header buttons:
    • standarad close and help buttons;
    • domain (geographical extent searched)
    • Statistics: a tabular statitsical summary
    • synchronized time series graphs;
  • in the header of the upper right panel:
    • the parameter displayed
    • the data set (origin)
    • the aggregation time step
    • start- and end dates;
  • and export button for the aggregated time series
  • in the header of the lower right panel:
    • station selection (for comparison against the complete set)
    • export button (for the selected station data)
  • map display: zooming, panning, map type selection;
  • station listing in the lower left6 panel:
    • display control: all on, all off, refresh;
    • individual station on/off toggle (checkbox)

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