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Implementation Manual

Implementation: please note that WaterWare is, whenever possible, implemented and configured, tested, by the ESS team locally or remotely. based on a first prototype, (hosted and tested in a FAT) at ESS

WaterWare is designed and implemented as a (optionally) distributed and fully web based client-server system, that can be installed on a single CPU as well as on a compute cluster for high-performance (cluster) computing using MPI.

Its main components are:

  • an Apache web server and set of HTML/PHP pages that provide the primary user interface;
    a The server root for a WaterWare installation is located at
    /var/www/html/[APPLICATION_NAME]/ as well as a few model specific directories under /var/www/html depending on the modules and components used in any given installation.
  • server side PHP (PHP5).

The main elements include:

  • the HTML/PHP pages including the OBJECT TEMPLATES in plain HTML code and their include files (/var/www/html/templates);
  • CONFIGURATION files; ???
  • HTML (object descriptions) and image files;
  • a set of analytical and model components implemented through cgi; (directory: var/www/cgi-bin)
  • a shared relational data base (RDBMS) such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or ORACLE.

Directory/File Structure

The root directory of a WaterWare implementation is the same as for the local web server, i.e., by default:   /var/www/html/WATERWARE_APPLICATION_NAMW and an application specific sub-directory: /var/www/html/APPLICATION_NAME

The application specific sub-directory includes:

  • config.inc.php:   configuration defaults (being transferred to the data base and an interactive editor)
  • GIF:   imagery
  • HTML:   HTML pages
  • IMAGES:   imagery related to the HTML files
  • index.php:   login page
  • main.php: application start page
Shared directories

Shared directories and files (if there is more than one application of WaterWare on the same server, the individual data bases addressed by different ports), include, for model post-processing and the interactive user interface :

    main.css cascading style sheet
    reports repository for automatically generated (status) report of the real-time operations
    TOOLS, SCRIPTS, JAVA generic utilities in PHP, Java script, Java applets
    BUTTONS tools for the interactive generation/layout of button/links
    MAPC embedded GIS functionality
    RBO OBJECT classes, data base interface
    RRMrainfall-runoff model
    WRM water resources, dynamic water budget model
    STREAMbasin wide water quality model
    BLTMSPILL, local water quality model, based on the USGS BLTM code
    IWDIrrigation water demand model
    LUC optional land use dynamic
    RTXPS real-time forward chaining expert system
    MANUALShome directory of the manual pages, here: /MANUALS/WATERWARE
    WEBFORUM root directory of an optional web forum
    footer1000.dat, footer_small.dat footer include files for HTML pages
    export repository for export files (e.g., time series of model results)
    netcdfrepository for raster exports (netcdf format)
    uploadsrepository for uploads (e.g., for bulk time series data in CSV format)
    phpincludes shared PHP include files
    templates HTML templates for OBJECTS display
    DATA holds in project specific subdirectories mm5 results and hypertext description files for OBJECTS
    PROJECTproject specific files and directories


  • Binary executables are located in the directory: /var/www/cgi-bin e.g., WRM.cgi for the main WRM model.

Data Bases and TABLES

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