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Login page

WaterWare provides its own user management and authentication system - in addition to the Linux operating system level - that can be configured to provide selective access for local or external users to different levels of functionality in the system.

Currently, it offers three groups of users:

  1. Admin accounts: system administrator than can change everything, and install users.
  2. Named accounts: normal users that can modify their own data sets and scenarios, but can not modify shared (read only) object data owned by other users;
  3. Guest account: shared, can visit and explore the system, make their own copies of scenarios and edit the (publicly shared) guest-owned scenarios.
The login page asks for user name and password. Since in the user data base an email address is stored with every named account, a user can ask for her/his password to be sent by mail as a reminder.

User administration

User administration is only accessible to admin group users.
The link to the user administration tools   is on the main menu page.

User access is based on the concepts of GROUPS and SERVICES: a user belongs to a group which has read-write access to set of services provided by WaterWare.

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