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  Release Level 7.0 Release Date 2016 12 Revision Level beta  
Last modified on:   Monday, 15-Aug-16 09:43 CEST

Release Notes: R7.0 (beta)

R7.0 is a major update release for the web-based Release level R6, that has been ported to 64 bit architecture under the latest Ubuntu LTR version and using PHP5.

The primary objective of the R7.0 upgrade is to merge features of AirWare and WaterWare, maximizing shared code components and integrating of the latest AirWare general functionality and utilities.

R7.0 features:a   (current development/integration)

  • re-time operations, nowcasts and foreacasting;
  • implementation of MM5 in forecasting mode using dynamic downscaling of GFS glocal meteorological forecasting data
  • integration of WRF
  • real-time monitoring data acquisition
  • 3D fully distributed rainfall-runoff model (urban flooding)
  • integration of on-line Google background maps
  • integration of the complete set of AirWare maintenance tools

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