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The display and editing of OBJECTS is controlled by TEMPLATES, simple HTML files wityh a few tag extensions;
OBJECTS are shown with a standard HEADER part, including map, hypertext description and standard button mernu followed by an arbitrary HTML block.

The HTML block is defined by the CLASS specific TEMPLATES. TEMPLATES are plain HTML files (and possible PHP extension (include files) for more complex interactive functionality). The TEMPLATE files can be edited by the user (caveat emptor) to modifiy the display, but also to ADD, REMOVE, or MODIFY the attributes of an object, which are defined in the systems Knowledge Base as DESCRIPTORS.

In the TEMPLATE, DESCRIPTOR are referenced and displayed by a set of simple "tags" that are parsed when the OBJECT is instantiated through the TEMPLATE from the data base. The TEMPLATE PARSER also supports simple calculations.

    \name(DESCRIPTOR shows the display name for DESCRIPTOR
    \value(DESCRIPTOR shows the current value for DESCRIPTOR, read only
    \ask(DESCRIPTOR shows the current value for DESCRIPTOR as an active link to the DESCRIPTOR editor
    \unit(DESCRIPTORshows the unit of measurement as defined in the Knowledge Base for that DESCRIPTOR.

The TEMPLATE files are located in /var/www/html/templates and have descriptive names that correspond (closely) to the respective OBJECT CLASS' name. The files names are defined in the data base TABLE RBO.CLASS:

mysql> select ID,DESCRIPTION,TEMPLATE from RBO.CLASS where TYPE='RBO' order by 2;

    8 Agriculture (non-irrigated) /var/www/html/templates/agriculture/index.html
    160 Aquifers /var/www/html/templates/aquifer/index.html
    25 Crops /var/www/html/templates/crops/crops.html
    2 Desalination plants /var/www/html/templates/desalination/index.html
    207 Documents /var/www/html/templates/documents/doc.html
    10 Drinkingwater purification plants /var/www/html/templates/drinkingwater/index.html
    140 Industrial plants, areas /var/www/html/templates/industries/index.html
    130 Irrigation Districts /var/www/html/templates/irrigation_districts/index.html
    110 Major Cities /var/www/html/templates/cities/index.html
    19 Monitoring stations /var/www/html/templates/monitoring/monitoring.html
    12 Parks, reserves, protected areas /var/www/html/templates/parks/index.html
    18 Pumping stations /var/www/html/templates/pumps/index.html
    150 Reservoirs and lakes /var/www/html/templates/reservoir/index.html
    230Hydropower (Powerhouse) /var/www/html/templates/hydropower/index.html
    100 River basins, sub-catchments /var/www/html/templates/river_basin/river_basin.html
    20 RiverReaches, canals, pipelines /var/www/html/templates/reach/index.html
    13 Scenic sites, orientation points /var/www/html/templates/scenic_site/index.html
    17 Structures (weirs, gates) /var/www/html/templates/structures/index.html
    6 Tourist resorts /var/www/html/templates/tourist/index.html
    120 Wastewater treatment plants /var/www/html/templates/treatment_plants/index.html
    38 Water Technologies /var/www/html/templates/watertechnologies/watertechnologies.html
    15 Wells, wellfields /var/www/html/templates/wells/index.html
    229Recharge wells /var/www/html/templates/recharge_wells/index.html
    11 Wetlands, marshes, bogs, lagoons /var/www/html/templates/wetland/index.html

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