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WaterWare User registration and login

WaterWare includes data bases for institutions and individuals in support of the participatory optimization and DSS strategy, and to manage and coordinate diverse user groups and contacts with and between them, including participants in training courses and users of the on-line distance learning tools.

Login: users, experts and students

As an optional feature, WaterWare can allow the direct (self)registration for users.

Similar to the registration of institutions, individuals can register as WaterWare users on-line. The individual profile also include a user name for the various WaterWare tools that the user can select/propose subject to its uniqueness. If a name chosen already exists, a warning will be issued.

As part of the user data, a reference to an institution for professional affiliation is foreseen. This can either be entered directly, or be selected froma list of all applicable institutions already available in the data base.

If a complete registration is submitted, a small pop-up window wil provide an acknowledgement. The password for the new user and account will be automatically generated and sent by eMail.

Once the auto-generated password has been received, the new user can login to this new account and access all functions as a named user.

Closely related to the User and Institution data bases is the Water Issues Questionnaire that can be used to describe the main issues for a case study application.

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