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  Release Level 7.0 Release Date 2016 12 Revision Level beta  
Last modified on:   Saturday, 22-Oct-16 21:48 CEST

WaterWare: user support functions

WaterWare is provided within the framework of an initial one-year project; this includes a range of user support functions and tools:

  • An initial user training course, usually local classroom for up to one week;
  • The embedded user manual that includes the option to print any and all manual pages as PDF on demand.
  • The question, comment, and bug report facility linked from the manual pages, that maintains a dialog with the user support help desk;
  • An optional web forum, including an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that compiles questions and answers of general interest;
  • An optional web-based distance learning platform, CourseWare, that maintains an interactive dialog based on a dynamic expert system structured into formal courses.
  • Optional follow-up and refresher (classroom) training units, e.g., in the context of software upgrades and release updates.

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