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Start Page and main menu

The start page for the browser-based WaterWare system provides a menu with the primary entry points to the system. See also:   WaterWare Reference Manual

These are for normal users (additional functions for configuration editing and data base management are available for administrative users):

    Water Resources   WRM, generates daily water budgets over an annual cycle and any number of river network scenarios.
    Water Quality   STREAM uses hydrologic scenarios generated by WRM to simulate water quality (DO/BOD, conservative and first order decaying pollutants) for the open channel surface water network it shares with WRM.
    Water Quality   SPILL/BLTM, for accidental spills, with high temporal and spatial resolution;
    (optional component).
    Groundwater   XGW2D, a dynamic, fully transient vertically integrated 2D flow and transport model;
    (optional component).
    Rainfall Runoff   RRM that describes runoff (daily time step) from ungaged sub-catchments (horizontally lumped, vertically distributed) to provide input to the WRM model;
    (includes an optional automatic calibration routine).
    Irrigation   irrigation water demand model, that estimates supplementary irrigation water demand as an input for WRM irrigation demand nodes.
    Object Data Base   provides access and editing functions for the River Basin Objects and data sets defined for the system.
    Impact Assessment   a rule-based expert system for a screening level assessment of water resources development projects;
    (optional component).
    Monitoring Data   a direct interface to the monitoring stations and their associated time series data and analysis tools.
    MapServer   embedded GIS with map display (combining raster and vector formats) and spatial data analysis tools.
    WRM multi-criteria Optimization   editor an control interface for the multi-criteria optimization (satisfizing);
    (optional component, includes the water technology data base). for the Water Resources Model WRM
    DMC discrete multi-criteria DSS   an interface for the multi-criteria DSS (reference point method);
    (optional component)
    WRF/MM5 prognostic meteorological models for short-term (up to 7 days), medium-term (seasonal) forecasts and complete annual (historical or future scenarios) hydro-meteorological data sets with 1 km/1 hr resolution;
    (optional component).

Administration tools

The WaterWare system also includes a set of administration tools. These include:

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