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Data Availability   Antenna/source data

Please see the source data base (final data field definitions) for

Field Measurement data

Observation data of measured electric and magnetic field strength, georeferenced and time-stamped; they are integrated with the primary antenna data base.

GIS data

  • background maps at various resolution for the entire domain;
  • detailed high-resolution maps for populated areas;
    • administrative boundaries
    • land use (primarily housing)
    • surface water
    • transportation infrastructure
  • DEM for the entire domain;
  • high-resolution DEM and 3-D building structures;
  • population distribution.

Analytical tools

The analytical tools in RiskWare/NIR include a set of simulate models that describe the spatial distribution of the electromagnetic fields emanating from different types of antenna and sources.

The second layer of tools assists with the exposure and impact assessment, and environmental and public health risk analysis.

  • model input/output description
  • model codes or equations for direct integration
TABLE name content description
ANTENNEAntenna antenna data
ATTENUAZIONIPATTERNIrradiation pattern describes electric and electromagnetic characteristics
CEMMeasurements field measurements associated with a site/source
COMMUNIMunicipalities where the sources (IMPIANTI) are located
VIEstreets street names of locations
GESTORIOwner/operator address and contact information
GESTORIFILIALIlocal owner/operator address and contact information
IMPIANTISources/installations physical unit of implemenattion
MODELLIANTENNEAntenna types technical descriptions
TIPIPATTERNirradiation pattern for different antenna types
PROTOCOLLIprotocols administrative information
PUNTIINSTALLAZIONElocations of the sites and antenna installations
STATIPRATICAstate of authorization administrative information
TIPIPRATICAauthorization procedure administrative information

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