Regulatory Framework

In Liguria, regional regulations define the data that have to be compiled for sources of electromagnetic radiation such as power lines and antenna:

Power lines:   Art.72 duodecies l.r.41/1999

Proprietor and Operator

  • Address
  • Head office
  • Owner and franchiser

Power line technical data

  • Line name
  • Location of end points and eventually address
  • Working tension
  • Number of conductors, subconductors and security rope
  • Maximal and average current, phases
  • Configuration and spatial dislocation of conductors and subconductors
  • Cable sections
  • Minimum underground depth and type of laying (underground cables)

Location and Environment

    Power line layout map, scale 1:10000 (or more detailed).
  • Post (pylon) geographical co-ordinates, conductors height and spatial dislocation.
Electric and Magnetic field measurements
    Isofield curves for electric and magnetic field at ground level, pointing out the 0.2 µT curve.

Transmitters (antenna):   Art.72 septies l.r.41/1999

Proprietor and Operator

  • Address
  • Head office
  • Owner and franchiser

Technical Data

  • System purpose and communication techniques
  • Transmission frequencies or frequency band
  • Antennas system description
  • Sectors geometrical tilt and orientation, height of electrical centre
  • Typology, physical description, gain, sectors - horizontal and vertical irradiation diagrams. In these diagrams the field attenuation (horizontal and vertical diagram) should be reported (for each single degree from 0 to 360).
  • Nominal power for every transmitter, signal loss of transmission to the radiant system (branching out and cables), maximal deliverable power and real radiated power, for each radiant system.

Location and environment

  • System location (co-ordinates, address)
  • Pylons type, plan and view
  • Description of accessibility to the neighbouring area and declaration of the maximum value of the electric field at surrounding buildings
  • Map of the system surrounding area and of all the regions where levels of the electromagnetic field higher than one tenth of the limits could be expected.
  • Site photos

Electromagnetic Field

  • Assessment of the contribution to the total electromagnetic field
  • Choice of meaningful and precautionary positions for a preventive assessment of the fields
  • description of the algorithms of calculation

Ground-level electromagnetic fieldmeasurements

  • The measurements should be made in conformity with established enforced norm and with instruments whose calibration is referable to the SIT (Calibration Italian System).
  • The measurements should be made in narrow band on a frequency interval from 0.5MHz to 3GHz and with such a resolution to discriminate all carrying frequency.
  • For each carrying frequency, whose corresponding field exceeds one tenth of the limit, the measurement of the peak of the electric field should be supplied.
  • Alternately to the narrow band, three broad band measurements, repeated at different times, should be delivered.

Conformity declaration
It should be explicitly declared that:

  • the total electromagnetic field will be inferior to the limits
  • the planned system adopts all the criteria of minimisation of the electromagnetic field

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