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Raumplanungs- und Umweltinformationssystem
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TOP-10 Analysis

This function displays, for the indicator selected, the top 10 regions (objects) in several parallel displays, and shows the position of a reference region (object) against that set.

The displays include:

  • A ranked list of the top 10, that can be scrolled to show the entire set;
  • A histogram showing the distribution of the entire set;
  • A rank diagram indicating the position of the reference region;
  • A display of the rank-position indicating the number of regions above and below the reference object;
  • A map display showing the spatial distribution of the indicator;
  • A table with the basic descriptive statistics.

The Top-1o analysis page is intended as a summary display for a given indicator from the point of view of a selected reference region. In all displays, where feasible, the position of the reference region is indicated, and the rank as well as the relative performance (expressed as a precentage of the maximum value of the indicator reached) is shown.

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