OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Administration

Operational starting date: July 1, 2004.
The project will end:       June 30, 2007

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Technical Documents Models&Tools Latest TA version Final Contract

Next steps and current activities:

  • Current Project Progress Status Summary

  • Active Work Package: WP 03
  • Active Work Package: WP 04 (Water technologies, see the on-line data base)
  • Active Work Package: WP 05 GIS and RS data
  • Active Work Package: WP 06 system and tools integration
  • Active Work Packages: ALL CASE STUDIES !!!     Case Study Report proposed structure
  • Active Work Package 14: Post-Optimal Analysis
  • Next Meeting: Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, May 18-20
  • Next Report: Second Annual and Progress Report, July 2006.

Latest Tool Release:

OPTIMIZATION tools and documentation:
  1. Optimization Strategy
  2. Economic Evaluation
  3. Optimization Scenarios
  4. DRAFT Questionnaire: CONSTRAINTS
  5. DRAFT Questionnaire: INSTRUMENTS
  6. Water Technologies Data Base
  7. Water Technologies Manual Page

  8. D03.1 Water Resources Modelling Tools
  9. D03.2 Basic Optimization Model
  10. D03.3 Discrete Multi-Criteria Optimization

WaterWare/WRM latest Release version: Release R5.0     Minor Update Release: Release R5.1

User Support: for the on-line models: PROBLEM Reports

The on-line   Water Technologies Data Base : please visit, check, edit, extend - and comment.   Seealso: Water Technologies manual page

The on-line   Stakeholder Data Base   : please visit, check, edit, extend - and comment.

The on-line   Water Issues Questionnaire   a first compilation of the issues checklist, explanations, definitions, and glossary.

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