OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Partners: ATLANTIS, Cyprus

ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd
Micahel Karaoli 8, #106   1095   Nicosia
Tel: + 357 22 660482   Fax: + 357 22 660516
  Contacts: Charalambos Panayiotou atlantis@logos.cy.net 

ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus, Ltd. will coordinate the comparative analysis and best practice work package, and contribute a case study in Cyprus, dealing with the Dhiarzos river. ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd is a private company established in 2000 in Nicosia, Cyprus. ATLANTIS specializes in environmental management, impact assessment and consultancy services both to the private and public sector, and including water resources management tasks.

The company has a successful record having been involved in numerous large projects for the Government and private organizations such as LIFE - Third Countries projects for the implementation of Directive 92/43/EEC (Natura 2000), the implementation of a noise policy is Cyprus and the Government funded project "Establishment of Sustainable Management Policy for the development of the mineral wealth of Cyprus". Recently the company participated in a project funded by the European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO) regarding the evaluation of the capacity of Cyprus to produce bio-fuels.

Key Team Members

    Charalambos Panayiotou has a BSc in Environmental Sciences and MSc in Boundary Meteorology. Since July of 2000 he is co-founder and managing director of Atlantis Consulting Cyprus ltd of which main areas of activity include Environment Related Studies (Environmental Sustainability, EIA, Environmental Audit etc). Major studies include the implementation of Directive 92/43/EEC (Natura 2000) in Cyprus, the implementation of a noise policy in Cyprus on behalf of the Cyprus Environment Service and a study for the Cyprus Geological Survey Department concerning the Establishment of Sustainable Management Policy for the development of the mineral wealth of Cyprus. He has also managed several Environmental Impact Studies both for the private and public sector. Lastly, Mr. Panayiotou has been a representative of Cyprus in the technical committee of the EU COST programme on the thematic of meteorology.

    Athina Hadjiconstanti

    Constantia Achilleos

    Anna Caramondani has studied Civil Engineering (B.Sc.Eng. First Class Honours) and Town Planning in University College London (MPhil). She has worked for around 22 years as a planning officer in the Cyprus Department of Town Planning and Housing, including the post of director of the Larnaca town planning office.

    Anna Caramondani has wide experience in Local Plan preparation, preparation of various strategic planning policies and development control. Major projects include ~QRemedial measures in accident spots in Cyprus, Sustainable mining and Quarrying Strategy for Cyprus, the preparation of the Local Development Plans of the cities of Paralimni, Larnaca and Dherynia, and the Transport Section of the unified Nicosia Master Plan.

    Christos Ioannou has a degree in natural sciences (biology, geology) and an MSc in hydrology. For more than 25 years he has worked Cyprus Water Development Department first as a hydro-geologist and later in the position of senior hydrologist. Among others he had been responsible for the surface hydrometry in the whole of Cyprus. Major projects include the following: Feasibility study for the development or water resources in the Krysohou Bay, Site hydrologist for the Tamassos Dam, Coordinator of a project for the "Development of and Early Warning System and Water Quality Monitoring of the surface waters of Cyprus", Environmental Impact Assessments for the Akrotiri Watershed from the construction of a dam and Environmental Impact Assessments for three large watersheds from the construction of the Dhiarizos tunnel and the transfer of water between watersheds.

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