OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management
The parallel case studies constitute the core of the project, and thus command together the largest share of resources. They follow the same structure in terms of their objectives, the specific tasks, and the Deliverables, each with a report on the problem analysis and the optimisation results.

The differences between the parallel case study work packages are only in the specific setting of the water resources system analysed, from its physiographical features, dominant land use and thus water users, socio-economic development, and institutional framework, resulting in different examples of the same generic problem. The case studies are synchronised, running parallel, to make efficient use of resources.

Common Objectives: The main objective is to configure the tools, and apply the methodology, to each concrete case study as described below, involving simulation exercises and the two phase optimisation approach including the second-phase participatory multi-criteria reference point approach.


  • Data compilation: case study specific data;
  • Implementation and calibration of the simulation/optimisation model for the case study;
  • Optimisation exercises: generation of non-dominated alternatives
  • Interactive Decision Making: local workshops including evaluation.

  • The Baseline Scenarios: summary and comparison

Data sets and common tools
River Basin Data Base Crop Data Base
Stakeholder Data Base Issues Questionnaire
Case Study Profiles Climate Data Base
Water Technologies WT manual page
Modelling Tools Model Time Series
Water Resources Model Rainfall-Runoff Model
Water Quality Model Irrigation Water Demand
WRM optimization model DMC multi-criteria tool

Location Size in km² Population Country
Dhiarizos River 2603,550 CYPRUS
Gediz River 18,0001,700,000 TURKEY
Litani River, Tyr 600390,000 LEBANON
Zarqa River 4,1202,720,000 JORDAN
Wadi Zeimar
Alexander River
500 600,000 PALESTINE
Melian River, Tunis 553 390,500 TUNISIA
Martil River, Tetouan 1,129 445,000 MOROCCO

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