OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Partners: CNT, Tunisia

Centre National de Teledetection
Route de la Marsa El Aouina, P.O.Box 200, 2045 Tunis
Tel: ++216 1 761 333   Fax: ++216 1 760 890
  Contacts: Myriam Haffani cnt.dg@cnt.nat.tn  
    Emna Kochlef cnt.dg@cnt.nat.tn  

CNT, the National Centre for Remote Sensing will contribute a case study in Tunisia (the Melian River Basin, and also work on the remote sensing data compilation and analysis.

Since its establishment in 1988, CNT has acquired skills in remote sensing and GIS technologies and applications for the management and planning of renewable natural resources.

Projects include the study of marine pollution, Evaluation of natural disaster damage, study of sites suitable for aquaculture, and Changes in Arid Mediterranean Ecosystems in the Long Term and Earth Observation, developing a methodology for monitoring desertification in the southern Mediterranean.

Other projects include Coastal Protection, AVICENNE II: Development of a methodology based on NOAA satellite observations with a view to monitoring and controlling water resources in the Mediterranean basin. CNT operates a NOAA reception station since August 1995. Simulation of airborne space technologies for the evaluation, analysis and monitoring of marine ecosystems in the southern Mediterranean (AMED), a Coastal monitoring system to monitor fragile environments, ensuring a balance between development and protection, and SMART: Sustainable Management of Scarce resources in the Costal Zone under the INCO-MED programme.

Team members:

    Ms Myriam Haffani

    Ms Emna KOCHLEF - Engineer, environment and marine ecosystems specialist: Holds a master degree in ecosystems and aquatic production from the National Agronomy Institute of Tunis entitled "objective analysis of sea surface height variability off the Tunisian coast by Topex Poseidon Altimetry (2000-2001)", under the supervision of Dr Slim GANA, oceanography and remote sensing specialist. She joined the CNTD in December 2001 and is currently in charge of the technical staff training unit.

    Mrs Thouraya SAHLI - Engineer, Soil and water specialist: After majoring in rural engineering from the INAT (Institut National Agronomique de Tunis) in 1992, Mrs. Sahli furthered her skills at the ENGREF-CEMAGRAF laboratory, Montpellier France where she earned a master degree in remote sensing. She also holds a specialized degree in image processing from the Centre National des Etudes Spatiales(CNES) France. Since joining the CNTD in 1993, she has participated in the execution of several research projects based on remote sensing applications to agriculture and water resource management. She was lately appointed at the head of the training division.

    Mr Elyess Berrahal - Engineer, GIS and remote sensing specialist: Holds a master degree in electronic engineering from the Military Academy of Tunis (1994). He obtained a professional master degree in remote sensing applied to natural resources evaluation from the Instituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare - Florence Italy. He lately earned a specialized diploma in geomatics from the Canadian University in Laval. He is currently in charge of the implementation of the in-house national database project "Spatio 2000".

    Mr Ahmed Ezzine

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