OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Partners: corridoio.zero, Italy

Via Cicco Simonetta 17 I-20123 Milano
Tel: ++39 02 581 12008   Fax: ++39 02 7004 11871
  Contacts: Marco Parolin marco.parolin@corridoiozero.org  
    Giuliana Gemini giuliana.gemini@corridoiozero.org  

corridoio.zero will assis the case studies with their experience in participation management and implementation at the community level. They will also lead the work package on comparative analysis. corridoio.zero association was born in June 1999; its aim is collaboration with governmental and non-governmentalorganizations from civic society, and with universities and other educational institutions, from countries of the Balkan area and of Mediterranean basin. The non-profit association is composed by young professionals and researchers coming from or still working in the Politecnico and State University of Milano.

corridoio.zero makes available its technical skills, its cultural formation and its academic network of contacts in order to contribute to conflicts transformation and mediation in this area. corridoio.zero is part of ICS, Italian Consortium of Solidarity (ics.mir.it consortium of non-governmental organizations working in the Balkans since the early nineties) and of the Observatory on Balkans (www.osservatoriobalcani.org)

Key Team Members

    Patrizia Giordano, Ph.D. graduated in philosophy at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". She has a PhD in History of international Relations at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Florence, based on three years of field work in Jerusalem (1995-1998). She currently works on international relations for the Politecnico of Milano University. Her working experience includes the Institute for Studies on International Politics ISPI, 2000-2001, work as Community Centre Advisor for the Italian Ngo ICS in Kosovo in 1999-2000 in cooperation with UNHCR, and in translating, editing, and co-authoring several publications on international relations.

    Giuliana Gemini holds a degree in environmental sciences from Biocca university, Milano, Italy with a thesis on risk assessment of pestizide use.

    She has continued her professional education with several courses including topics related to work on environmental management, with different regional, national and international groups and NGOs. Her experience includes work with the Environmental Consulting Office (Pafin91) for Progesam Italia S.p.A., developing of environmental sustainability projects (Local Agenda 21 Programs and Environmental Certification (UNI EN ISO14001, EMAS, Ecolabel) for Municipalities, local Communities and enterprises.

    Marina Simonetti also graduated in Environmental Engineering at the Politecnico of Milano with a specialization on hydraulic engineering. She has a solid experience and skills in managing water resources (hydraulic basins, canals, sewerage systems) also in relation to protection against erosion phenomena. Since 1999 she is working on mountainous rivers, canals and streams.

    Marco Parolin Graduated in Environmental Engineering at the Politecnico of Milano, specializing in environmental systems modelling and in management of shared resources (air and water); he recently worked in research projects of the 5th FP (transportation and environment) and on developing autonomous projects for corridoio.zero in western Balkans countries (mainly Serbia); in 1999 he was part of the first group of what would later become corridoio.zero to organize and manage the workshop in Pristina of 30 students from Italy and Kosovo. He also worked on soil mechanics engineering and hydraulic engineering (streams and rivers bed restoration).

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