OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Deliverables

No. Deliverable Due Date Responsible Level
D01.1 Requirements and Constraints Report 2005January FEEMPUB
D01.2 Data Bases and Meta Data Report 2005January FEEMINT
D02.1 Identification of problem issues (Summary Report) 2005August IRMCoPUB
D02.2 Guidelines for the socio-economic analysis: issues and indicators 2005August IRMCoPUB
D03.1 Implementation Report: Water Resources Modelling Framework 2006February ESSPUB
D03.2 Implementation Report: Basic Optimisation Model 2006February ESSPUB
D03.3 Implementation Report: Discrete multi-criteria Optimisation 2006February ESSPUB
D04.1 Data Compilation and Analysis: techno-economic data 2006August INTERGEOPUB
D04.2 Data Compilation and Analysis report: case study specific data 2006August ESS/INTERGEOPUB
D05.1 Land use data report 2006August NCRSINT
D06.1 Systems Integration and Implementation Report 2006August ESSPUB
D07.1 Dhiarizos River: Problem analysis 2006August ATLANTISPUB
D07.2 Dhiarizos River: Optimization results 2007April ATLANTISPUB
D08.1 Gediz River: Problem analysis 2006August SUMERPUB
D08.2 Gediz River: Optimization results 2007April SUMERPUB
D09.1 Litani, Lebanon: Problem analysis 2006August ELARDPUB
D09.2 Litany, Lebanon: Optimization results 2007April ELARDPUB
D10.1 Zarqa River: Problem analysis 2006August UJOPUB
D10.2 Zarqa River: Optimization results 2007April UJOPUB
D11.1 Wadi Zeimar: Problem analysis 2006August IPCRIPUB
D11.2 Wadi Zeimar: Optimization results 2007April IPCRIPUB
D12.1 Melian, Tunis: Problem analysis 2006August CNTPUB
D12.2 Melian, Tunis: Optimization results 2007April CNTPUB
D13.1 Martil River: Problem analysis 2006August UH2MPUB
D13.2 Martil River: Optimization results 2007April UH2MPUB
D14.1 Decision Analysis Report (advance version) 2007April ESSPUB
D14.2 Stakeholder Involvement and Preferences 2007April C.ZEROPUB
D15.1 Case Study Comparative Analysis 2007June ELARDPUB
D15.2 Best Practice Report 2007June ELARDPUB
D16.1 Project Web Site 2005September ESSPUB
D16.2 Guidelines for local participation 2007June IRMCoPUB
D16.3 Regional Dissemination Workshop 2007June IRMCoPUB
D16.4 Dissemination Report 2007June IRMCoPUB

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