OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Partners: INTERGEO, Greece

INTERGEO HELLAS Environmental Technology
570 01 Thermi Thessaloniki
Tel: ++30 2310 478147   Fax: ++30 2310 478149
  Contacts: Stylianos Papadopoulos stelios.papadopoulos@intergeo-consulting.com
    Christos Vatseris christos.vatseris@intergeo-consulting.com  

INTERGEO will lead the compilation and preparation of water technologies, contribute a Greek case study for comparison and benchmarking, and support the case studies with their experience in environmental technologies.

INTERGEO Environmental Technology Ltd. was founded in 1987 aiming to provide consulting services on environmental technology and ground engineering. Today, INTERGEO is represented by 30 offices in 24 countries worldwide. INTERGEO is engaged in hundreds of projects throughout Europe and worldwide. INTERGEO companies have successfully performed more than 4.800 investigations projects and completed more than 1.200 soil and groundwater remediation projects. The key personnel consist of engineering geologists, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, hydrogeologists, mining engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, chemists, biologists, physicists, geophysicists and drilling specialists. The high specialization and experience of the employed personnel guarantees efficient execution of the project concerned. We work for a broad range of clients in the private and public sectors. Our list includes oil and gas industries, real estate companies, mining and construction companies, municipalities, insurance companies, etc. The aim of the company is to provide excellent technical services combining the real needs of the customer with cost-effective solutions.


  • Environmental Site Assessment: Water - Soil - Air sampling,
  • Analytical services - fixed and mobile environmental laboratories
  • Soil and groundwater remediation with physical, chemical and biological methods
  • Hydrogeological, Geophysical and Water Management investigations
  • Environmental Risk Assessment in industrial installations, procedures and accidents
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Databases
  • Environmental Auditing (ECO-Audit: EMAS / ISO 14000)
  • Landfills: Design - Assessment - Decontamination
  • Development of cost effective concepts for minimization, elimination or recycling of wastewater & solid waste
  • Odors measurements (Olfactometry)
  • Supervision services in infrastructure works
  • Training services.
Especially in the field of bioremediation INTERGEO Group has developed and applied a series of different types of biopiles for on and off site applications in order to remediate contaminated soil and sludges stemming from industrial process in over 200 cases. Furthermore, in situ remediation techniques (Soil Vapour Extraction, Bioventing, Air-/Biosparging, Bioslurping) have been extensively implemented throughout Europe in over 500 cases of contaminated soils.

INTERGEO ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. was established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1990, as a subsidiary company of INTERGEO SALZBURG, aiming to provide the same services as the parent company and to transfer experience and know-how in Greece on the of environmental and geotechnical-engineering fields. For the proper execution of all these projects an INTERGEO branch office was introduced in Athens in 1998 whereas local company representatives have been employed in Alexandroupolis and on the islands of Corfu, Crete, Mytilene, Rhodes and Zakynthos.

The key personnel consist of geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, chemists and process engineers.

INTERGEO ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY LTD.has been engaged in many projects all over the Greek territory as well as in other neighboring countries like Southern Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania.

Team members

    Christos A. Vatseris Ph.D, is Hydrogeologist - Environmental Auditor. He is also Member of the Environmental Technology Department, INTERGEO HELLAS Environmental Technology Ltd. in Thessaloniki and Senior Environmental consultant dealing with protection and decontamination of groundwater, management of liquid & solid waste, environmental risk assessment in industrial units. He obtained his B.Sc.from the faculty of Geology at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and did Postgraduate studies at the University of Münster in Germany (Environmental Geology and Geophysics), where he obtained his Ph. D. in the field of Hydrochemistry and Environmental Geology; 1996-1997: training as an environmental auditor through special seminar attention in Austria and Greece. He has extensive international work experience.

    Stylianos A. Papadopoulos, Ph.D, is a Chemist - Environmental specialist. Since April 1991 he has been General manager of INTERGEO (HELLAS) Ltd,Greece. He obtained his B.Sc. from the faculty of Chemistry in the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and Ph.D. thesis in the same faculty in Organic chemistry. He did post-doctoral studies at the Technical University of in the field of Physical Organic Chemistry. He has been working as project manager in Greece and abroad in projects including Environmental and hydrogeological research studies, investigations of soil and groundwater quality, decontamination methods in Greece and Cyprus, Environmental Risk , studies of liquid and solid waste management, Environmental audits in industrial units, and Geological and geotechnical studies in Greece.

    Apostolos Parteris, Ph.D, has obtained a BSC in Environmental Sciences from the University of Dundee, a MSc Environmental Engineering from Imperial College in London, and his PhD from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, with a thesis on a Numerical predictive model of temperature and COD fields of an anaerobic pond. Application in optimizing design. He has been awarded a scholarship of distinction 2001, by the Research Committee of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki during the academic year 2000-2001. He is a member of the research team that composed and submitted the proposal entitled "Wastewater treatment using natural systems and effluent reuse for irrigation", that won the first prize in the framework of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA), show -Hydrorama 2001-, for the World Day of Water, 22 March 2001. He was working on the Survey and mapping of the Greek wetlands (1994) with the Greek center of Biotopes-Wetlands. the Optimization of solid waste management in Thessaloniki (1998), the evaluation of air pollution generated at the various solid waste management stages (Aristotelian Univ. of Thessaloniki), The Laboratory-Chemical analyses of water/wastewater, Institute of Soil Science,NAGREF (1999), the collection and processing of weather and environmental data, mathematical simulation of Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems and participation into design studies, Institute of Soil Science, NAGREF (2000-2003 and has joined INTERGEO-Environmental consulting in 2004.

    Maria Tsitsipati   holds a Bachelor degree in geology from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, and is currently enrolled in a Masters program in the section Minerals and Environment.

    She has attanded several seminars in geology and hydrogeology, and has teaching experience with the Circuit of Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki,

    She is working with INTERGEO since 2004.

    Pasalis Petros is a Geologist who studied at the Faculty of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His professional specialization includes the investigation of soil and groundwater contamination, hydrogeological investigation, coordination of decontamination projects. He is a scientific member of the company INTERGEO Environmental Technology Ltd. Team supervisor of on-site projects. Professional experience includes investigation, control and site assessment in various petroleum installations and service stations in Greece, Cyprus and Kosovo, the coordination and supervision of Environmental Site Assessments of soil and groundwater in industrial areas and installations throughout Greece, as well as in Kosovo (Investigation drillings, soil, groundwater and soil-gas sampling, evaluation of site and chemical analysis data, preparation of reports), participation in Environmental Risk Assessment projects, throughout Greece and the coordination of decontamination projects, implementation and control of decontamination systems.

    Michael Olatunde Kehinde, Ph.D, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lagos, Department of Civil Engineering with the Water, Environment and Geotechnical Research Group, and currently as a guest researcher at INTERGEO. He has obtained his BSc from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria, his MSc and Ph.D. from the Westphalia Wilhelm University, Münster,Germany, where he worked on Groundwater Resources studies in the Bida Basin, Central Nigeria, involving Hydrogeology, Groundwater Hydraulics, Hydrochemistry and Isotope Hydrology. He is a member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), the Hydrogeology Group of German Geological Society (FH-DGG), the Nigerian Mining and Geoscience Society (NMGS), and the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Dr. Kehinde has worked as Senior Associate Consultant) with Global Environmental Technology Limited, Lagos ; as Managing Consultant (1995 - 1997) with Earth Resources Management Consultants, Lagos; as Freelance Consulting Hydrogeologist, Münster, Germany (1982 1995); as Editor -Technical Reporting and Translations; from 1992 as Contributing Editor for Technology News International, Münster, Germany and as a Graduate Assistant with the Dept. of Water Res. & Environmental Engineering, ABU Zaria, Nigeria. He has worked on Environmental hydrogeological studies, Aquifer Management, Solid Waste Management (partial replacement of concrete aggregates with plastics), Rural Water Supply Management and, Environmental Impact Studies.

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